Medicine Technology
The Future is Now


The main activity of «ENTRYDELL S.A.» company is oriented towards a long-term mutual beneficial cooperation between various organizations and institutions of science and social sector, including medical institutions of the public health system as well as with enterprises of certain branches of industry.

Using the leading technological systems and equipment «ENTRYDELL S.A.» realizes unique technologies for making clean rooms in medical, pharmaceutical and other branches of industry as well as the complex equipping of public and industrial buildings with ventilation and air-conditioning systems with facilities of the automation for governing of internal engineering systems.

The specialization of «ENTRYDELL S.A.» allows to solve specific problems, connected with ensuring and control of cleanliness and sterility in medical institutions, research laboratories, biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

We offer complex solutions, necessary for our clients to reduce the risk of microbial contamination. These solutions help to advance the certification process, optimize manufacturing operations and control costs more effectively.

The range of supplied equipment is presented by trademarks, which enjoy well-deserved confidence of consumers.